Friday, August 20, 2010

Some vices are good for you!

Every time we turn around, some expert or another is telling us that something we enjoy is bad for us. In honor of Friday, I wanted to share an article I found via The article lists 10 so-called vices that are actually good for you. Below are a few of my favorites:
  1. Sleep – We all need it, but we tend to shortchange ourselves. Sleep is one luxurious treat that no one should be without.
  2. Playing hooky – Taking the occasional day off helps relieve stress, lowering your blood pressure and your risk for heart disease. It can even encourage creativity! Even one quick day off can do the trick.
  3. Girls’ or Guys’ Night Out – Spending time with your friends recharges you in ways other activities just don’t. Strong social ties can even increase your immunity, your brain health and your longevity!
  4. Basking in the sun – With a little help from sunscreen, spending time in bright sunshine can help improve your mood, help you get better sleep and helps your body create vitamin D.
  5. Massages – We all need a little human contact to maintain our overall health. You don’t have to spend much, even a few minute neck-rub from your sweetie helps reduce pain, depression, anxiety and anger.
Read the whole article to see if you can justify a few of your favorite things in the name of good health!

Happy Friday!

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