Thursday, August 19, 2010

IRS Files $63G Tax Lien Against Naomi Campbell

Supermodel Naomi Cambell is the latest celebrity to get in to trouble with the IRS. Cambell recently had a $63,000 lien filed against her for unpaid taxes. She was already in the headlines for a testimony in the trial of warlord Charles Taylor. reports:

    Naomi Campbell might wish she'd kept one of those "blood diamonds" from Liberian warlord Charles Taylor to pay her taxes.

    According to tax watchdog Robert Snell, the IRS filed a $63,487 lien against her last month with the New York City Register's office for taxes assessed in 2009.

    Her flack in London didn't get back to us for comment.

    Campbell was forced to testify recently at Taylor's war crimes trial at The Hague about receiving some "dirty-looking stones" one night in 1997 when she was a guest in South Africa of Nelson Mandela.

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