Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Four Tips to Save Gasoline This Summer

During the summer months many American families go on vacations. Because of the poor economy, more and more taxpayers are taking road trips, but the gasoline bills can quickly add up. WalletPop.com put together a helpful article with four ways to save gasoline. I have included a few tips below, but you can find the full list including a video here.

Turn off your air conditioner

Consumer Reports found that driving 65 MPH in a Honda Accord with the air conditioner running reduced mileage by 3%. But turning off your air conditioner and driving instead with the windows down is controversial, with some saying the drag on the car's aerodynamics cuts down on fuel efficiency and others saying no problem. The Consumer Reports team didn't find any measurable difference in fuel efficiency driving with the windows down, but others have. The jury is still out.

If you're hot, or your car is older, just roll down your windows already. Give your car a break and be kind to the environment.

This tip might not be realistic if you live in desert areas like Las Vegas or Phoenix. Still, you can help keep your car cool by parking in the shade, and using a windshield light reflector when parked.

Stop driving like a maniac and keep to the speed limit

Although it's tempting to speed, the urge will end up costing you. Besides breaking the law if you go over the speed limit, (and a couple of $200 speeding tickets will not help your wallet any this summer) driving aggressively will lower your gas mileage by 33% on the highway and by at least 5% on surface streets. An Edmunds.com independent test found this one tip resulted in more savings than any of them. The lesson? Try to drive zen. You'll get where you're going, we promise.

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