Saturday, July 17, 2010

Where the Jobs Are

Although many taxpayers across the county are having trouble finding employment, there are a few communities with thriving job markets. posted an interesting story on the 25 counties that have experienced the most job growth. I have included two of the cities that made the list below, but you can see the full slideshow here.

  1. Lincoln County, SD

Towns include: Sioux Falls

Job growth (2000-2009): 67.0%

Even though it's almost 1,200 miles away, Lincoln County wasn't immune to the financial crisis that rocked Wall Street.

Too-big-to-fail banking giants Citibank and Wells Fargo call this area home -- but Lincoln county isn't all dollars and wide open spaces. A strong retail and healthcare presence helped keep the county going strong when banks were on the brink.

Sanford Health and Avera Health are currently the county's largest employers, and they're expanding. Both are building regional clinics and treatment facilities in the area. A major cancer treatment facility is scheduled to be completed by late 2010.

  1. Williamson County, TX

Towns include: Cedar Park, Round Rock

Job growth (2000-2009): 58.9%

Dude, they got Dell! With the computer manufacturer as the county's largest employer, Williamson County has a tech-savvy workforce that helps draw other businesses to the area.

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