Thursday, July 01, 2010

1.3 million Unemployed won't get benefits restored

Bad news for the millions of unemployed people across the nation. Congress failed to reach any agreement on unemployment benefits extensions before the 4th of July holiday. According to an article from the Associated Press, that leaves more than 1.3 million laid-off workers without benefits.

Each week that Congress pushes off a decision on this issue, an additional 200,000 people is left without unemployment compensation, which is disastrous to families, communities and the weak signs of economic stabilization. So, what’s the holdup?

Evidently Senate Republicans have filibustered three times in three weeks to keep the bill that would have extended these benefits from coming to a vote.
Senator Harry Reid stated, “We will vote on this measure again once there is a replacement named for the late Sen. Byrd.” Byrd’s successor will be named by Democratic Governor of West Virginia, Joe Manchin.

The unemployment bill would have provided up to 99 weeks of unemployment compensation, averaging $335, to people whose state benefits have expired. The benefits would be available through the end of November, at a cost of $33.9 billion. The money would be borrowed, adding to the budget deficit.

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