Thursday, July 01, 2010

Army admits 'unimaginable, unacceptable wrongs' at Arlington Cemetery

After months of investigating, Army Secretary John McHugh told Congress that as many as 211 graves at Arlington Cemetery were misidentified or mis-located, as reported by CNN. The US’s most sacred burial ground for members of the military suffered from mismanagement. According to McHugh, “by placing everyone in charge, no one was in charge.” McHugh has vowed to do “everything necessary and possible to right the unimaginable, unacceptable wrongs.”

According to the investigation, the dysfunctional management lacked any clear lines of authority, and without proper oversight documents went missing, recordkeeping was poor, and next-of-kin were failed to be notified of any problems.

The findings have created uproar, with lasting repercussions. The ranking Republican on the House Armed Services Committee stated, “The evidence provided by the I.G. goes far beyond inadvertent noncompliance by over-worked contracting officers," McKeon said. "I find these practices to be unacceptable."

To read about the proposed solutions to these horrifying issues, read the full article here.

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