Monday, April 12, 2010

Poll: More Americans Say Their Taxes Fair

According to a new poll from CBS News, the average taxpayer’s opinion on how fair the U.S. tax system is depends a lot on how much money you make. The survey found that 50% of Americans think the amount they pay the government in taxes is fair, which is a slight decrease from the last few years.

The percentage who think they pay more than their fair share in taxes has risen from 37% three years ago to 43%.

Back in 1997 Americans viewed the amount of taxes they paid as even less fair. Then, 49% said they were paying more than their fair share of federal income taxes, while 47% said they paid the right amount.

To establish this data CBS polled over 850 random adults in the country using random phone numbers to find participants. If you would like to see more about their methodology, or checkout the full study then head over to CBS

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