Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Than 200,000 Jobless Counting On An Extension

A million Americans could lose their unemployment benefits this month if the Senate does not act quickly to extend the benefits, as well as deadline to file. According to, Senators are supposed to vote when they come back on Monday, but if they wait until later in the week it could leave thousands of Americans without benefits.

These folks were expected to stop getting checks this week after lawmakers failed to extend an April 5 deadline to file for federally-paid benefits before adjourning for a two-week recess. A total of a million people could lose benefits this month if the Senate doesn't act, according to the National Employment Law Project.

When they return Monday, senators are scheduled to take the first vote needed to push back the deadline until early May.

A final vote, however, is unlikely to come until later next week. Monday's move is a procedural step that simply allows lawmakers to consider the bill. Democrats need at least one Republican to join them to get the legislation past this hurdle.

Though the measure generally enjoys bipartisan support, it has gotten caught in the divisive politics pervading Capitol Hill. Republicans blocked the extension's passage late last month, saying the $9 billion bill should be paid for.

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