Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Save $50,000: Bundle Small Savings

If you follow these tips, you could save up to $50,000 over the next two to ten years. Some are more widely applicable than others, but I’m betting everyone can find somewhere to save.


    1. Groceries. Buy store brands when possible; many private labels offer quality without the premium price, research shows. Upload virtual coupons from the store website to your smartphone for discounts at the register. Estimated savings: 25%.

    2. Dining out. Snag discounts online (check out and, which often runs sales offering $25 coupons at local restaurants for $2 to $3). And turn your freezer into a takeout alternative by cooking double batches of stir-fries and stews to thaw as needed, says Gary Foreman of the Dollar Stretcher. Savings: 45% of your monthly prepared food and restaurant bills.

    3. Insurance. Kick up the deductible on your homeowners policy to $1,000 for a 25% savings; ditto for auto, and mention your clean driving record and good credit to lower car premiums by about 30%, says the Insurance Information Institute. Bundling auto and home coverage may save you up to 15%.

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