Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Government Avoids Shutdown; Hard Part Still to Come

Yesterday the House finally passed a spending bill to keep the federal government functioning for two weeks. It included $4 billion in cuts, and the legislation is expected to be approved by the Senate. Classic Washington move: when you can’t reach an agreement, DELAY!

CNN Money reports:

    But that $4 billion in cuts was the lowest of the low-hanging fruit. House Republicans now want to return to their plan that would cut roughly $60 billion from the federal budget over the remaining seven months of the fiscal year.

    And that plan contains things Democrats -- who control the Senate and the White House -- will never agree to.

    That plan would eliminate funding for President Obama's signature policy victories, including the health care and Wall Street reform laws.

    It would also block all federal funding for Planned Parenthood, bar any federal agency from spending money on implementing the new health care law, and limit the activities of the Environmental Protection Agency and public broadcasting.

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