Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Man Uses Pennies to Pay Credit Card Bill

According to reports, a man from my home state of California was turned away when he tried to pay a $6,500 bill in pennies. You know, every few years someone tries to pay in all pennies, with varying results. Are we tired of this being “news” yet? reports:

Thirry Chahez loaded 650,000 pennies in his vehicle and drove to a local Chase Bank in an attempt to pay his credit card bill that was due on Monday.

"Money's money isn't it," Chahez said. "Different time, different branches and they all send me away and have a very bad attitude."

Initially, Chahez was told he needed to roll the coins, and he said he has tried to make the payment for days.

"I brought them back, and now they're rolled and they still don't want them," Chahez said. "Does my pennies stink?"

Chahez was sent to a different branch with a bigger vault to make his payment.

Chahez says he is upset with his bank over a refinance he could not get and other charges and fees on his credit card.

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