Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The 10 Most Counterfeited Products Sold in America

If you are planning to buy any of the items from this list on eBay then make sure you aren't purchasing a counterfeit!

From DailyFinance.com:

1. Footwear

Value: $99.8 million

Percent of Total Seizures: 38%

Just under $100 million worth of counterfeit footwear was seized entering the U.S. in 2009, by far the greatest amount of any product. By value, 98% of counterfeit footwear originated in China. This was the fourth year in a row that footwear was the top commodity seized.

2. Consumer Electronics

$31.8 million


Consumer electronics, such as cell phones, digital music players and cameras, made up 12% of all seizures worth nearly $32 million. China produces most of these electronics, with approximately $18.5 million worth of seizures originating from there. Consumer electronics are also the most popular illegitimate product coming out of Hong Kong, second only to China. They make up 40% of all counterfeit goods that are intercepted from Hong Kong.

3. Handbags/Wallets/Backpacks

$21.5 million


Anyone who has walked down a major New York City street has had the opportunity (or several) to buy a fake designer handbag. The CBP seized $21.5 million worth of counterfeit handbags, wallets and backpacks coming into the country. This accounts for 8% of all seized commodities that violated IPR. China exported $19.5 million of these goods.

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