Friday, June 11, 2010

Don’t Let Cooling Costs Get You Hot

After a slow start, the summer heat is finally hitting Northern California. Here in Sacramento, summer temperatures routinely hit 100 degrees. With heat like this you need some cooling strategies. MSNBC shared some ways to keep your cooling costs down this summer.

Air Conditioners

Choosing the right a/c unit for your home is crucial. Make sure you get the right size and power for your home, too small and you’ll never get cool, but too big and the unit will not work efficiently and leave you feeling damp and uncomfortable.

If you are installing a new central a/c unit, remember to look for that Energy Star label, and see if you qualify for “Green” tax credits. They can give you up to 30% of the unit’s purchase price on your 2010 tax filings. Not too shabby!

Seal and Maintain

No matter how well your a/c system works, if your home isn’t properly sealed you are just wasting money. Even minor air leaks can cause huge energy bills! Sealing your window frames, installing proper weather stripping on your doors and ensuring proper installation of your air conditioner helps make sure you keep every bit of that cool air in your home.

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