Monday, June 21, 2010

UBS Customers: You May Want To Call The IRS Right Now

Customers of UBS that have not come clean about their association with the troubled financial giant should speak up before it’s too late. After a lengthy debate, the Swiss Parliament and UBS have agreed to finally release the names of 4,450 clients.

According to the Business Insider, if you've still got a secret Swiss bank account with UBS that you haven't told IRS authorities about, now may be the time. You may have mere hours to do so, before the Swiss do it for you, according to Bloomberg.

The Swiss Parliament recently passed a law forcing UBS to reveal the names of 4,450 clients.

One New York law firm, Rubinstein & Rubinstein LLP, said they've been getting, "panicked calls all week."

So, if you happen to be, or think you might be one of the 4,450, it might be time to make some phone calls.

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