Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dad Won't Pay For College, So Daughter Sues

When you read a headline saying a daughter is suing their parent for not paying their tuition, your first instinct is probably to laugh out loud. However, one Connecticut woman not only sued her Father for not paying her college tuition for her senior year, she also won! Read all the details in the story below.

A woman in Connecticut sued her father for failing to pay her tuition for her senior year of college. She won.

Her dad had to pay $47,000, according to the Connecticut Law Tribune.

In a 2004 divorce, the father agreed to pay for the education of his three children. The daughter persuaded to him to sign a contract agreeing to pay for tuition as well as expenses such as books and car insurance.

The father paid for the first few years of the daughter's education at Southern Connecticut State University. But he refused to pay for her senior year, according to the article.

So the daughter took out a loan for $20,000 to pay for school, and sued her father for breach of contract.

The case went to trial. The father argued that the daughter failed to attend classes full time and didn't give him receipts for tuition other expenses. And, he argued, she dropped classes and kept the refunds for herself.

The judge didn't buy it. He ruled that the daughter "performed all of her obligations as set forth" in the contract, and that the father failed to prove his arguments.

The $47,000 payment includes the loan, interest, attorney fees and missed car insurance payments, the daughter's attorney told the Law Tribune.

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