Monday, June 14, 2010

134-year-old oyster company stops shucking

Whether you like them, sautéd, fried, barbequed, or the traditional half shell—If you like oysters, you’ll be sad to learn they may start to be in short supply due to the BP oil spill. According to, 67% of the nation’s total production of oysters comes from the Gulf region—Oyster shucking is big business in the Gulf area. However, due to the oil spill, one Oyster shucking company had to close up shop recently. It’s very sad, because P & J Oyster of New Orleans, Louisiana had been in business for 134 years! The problem? There simply aren’t any oysters to shuck when the waters are filled with oil. There is a lot that is unknown regarding the spill and how the market will react. With the spill and the length of time oysters take to grow to full size to be harvested, the next spawning season is in jeopardy. The president and co-owner, Al Sunseri , doesn't know what is next for his oyster business. He states that it takes oysters between 18 and 24 months to grow to full size to be harvested, and the next spawning season is in jeopardy. "There is a lot of unknown and it has everything to do with so much that we have never seen happen before."

Read the article here and tell me your thoughts.

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