Wednesday, March 10, 2010

IRS Outlines Steps to Assist Taxpayers?

In this new press release, the IRS explains the tactics they are using to assist “unemployed taxpayers and others,” however as one of the attorneys at my law firm pointed out some of the statements they make are nearly identical to ones they made in this press release—published a year ago.

Last year, the IRS promised to provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Postponement of Collection Actions
  • Added Flexibility for Missed Payments
  • Additional Review for Offers in Compromise on Home Values
  • Prevention of Offer in Compromise Defaults
  • Expedited Levy Releases

Then in this new release the IRS now promises to help taxpayers in the following ways:

  • Postponement of collection actions in certain hardship cases
  • Added flexibility for missed payments on installment agreements and offers in compromise
  • Additional review of home values for offers in compromise
  • Accelerated levy releases for taxpayers facing economic hardship

Is the IRS really putting extra effort into helping unemployed taxpayers, or just reusing an old press release? Either way, actions speak louder than words and I just have not seen any real action on these objectives.

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