Friday, March 19, 2010

Five Things to Look for in a Tax Resolution Company

My law firm’s blog recently posted a new article explaining five essential things to look for in a tax resolution company. You can read a snippet of the post below, or read the full entry at the Tax Relief Blog.

1. Professional and Useful Website

You would be surprised how much you can learn about a business using the Internet. Before hiring a tax resolution company, you should always spend a few minutes reviewing their website. Look for informative testimonials and information about any chambers of commerce, or professional organizations the company is aligned with.

In addition to information about the business on their website, you should also see if they offer information on topics related to tax debt resolution. If the company employs experts knowledgeable about the various IRS tax resolution programs, then the company should have useful information such as informative articles, a glossary of tax related keywords, newsletters and a blog (that is updated regularly) for you to review.

2. Successful Track Record

A quality tax resolution company will be able to provide evidence of a successful track record of resolving delinquent accounts with the IRS. If you cannot find information on a company’s website about recent resolutions that is has achieved for its clients, then you should consider asking a representative of the company for this information. If you do speak with a tax resolution company, you should also inquire as to whether the company has experience in resolving cases similar to yours.

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