Monday, September 20, 2010

Oprah: “I'll Pay the Taxes for My Aussie Giveaway”

According to, the Oprah Winfrey Show will take care of the tax liabilities of her recent Australian giveaway. Oprah made headlines a few years ago when she gave away automobiles to her audience members, and then left them high and dry when the enormous tax bills arrived.

    TMZ spoke with Larry Edema from Michigan -- who was selected to be in the audience on Monday for Oprah's big giveaway -- and dude tells us Winfrey had a certified public accountant on hand to address the tax issue right after the taping.

    Edema says the CPA informed the group that all taxes associated with the trip would be "handled by the Oprah show," so the trip would truly be 100% free.

    The CPA also explained that O would cover all sightseeing costs and travel-related expenses -- including passport costs for people who can't afford them.

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