Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Joe Torre Retiring as Dodger’s Manager

Those who know me know that I am no Dodger’s fan. I’m well known for teasing my Dodger-loving employees and friends all throughout baseball season – especially when they play my SF Giants. But the news of Joe Torre stepping down is big, no matter which team holds your heart. Torre is a legend, managing the Dodgers, and the Yankees before that, through some pretty incredible successes. According to MLB Fanhouse Torre’s career record is 2,318-1,990 over 29 seasons as a manager.

Torre is quoted as saying, "Baseball has been my life, and hopefully will continue to be my life in some capacity. When I came out here, it was just to find out if managing can be fun again, and it's been fun. ... But you have to make some decisions by instinct, and my instinct tells me it's time to go.''

Does this mean Torre is retiring altogether? My bet is no. I don’t think the 70-year old is quite out for the count. Don’t be surprised if you see him return for the 2011 season with a different team… perhaps the Mets?

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