Thursday, September 02, 2010

New York Cuts Fees for College Savings Plan by Almost 50% to Aid Families

The state of New York is giving families who participate in their 529 college savings plan a break, by cutting fees almost in half. Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli claims that the reduction will help families save more for college and assist residences of the states who are strapped financially. Bloomberg published a great piece on the announcement; you can find a snippet of it below or read the full article at

New Yorkers who participate in the state’s 529 college savings direct plan will see fees cut by almost 50 percent, New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said.

The direct plan’s total annual asset-based fee declined to 0.25 percent from 0.49 percent starting Aug. 29, according to a statement today from the comptroller’s office. The reduction could result in savings of almost $20 million annually for plan participants.

“Family budgets are getting tighter, but families still need to save for college,” DiNapoli said in the statement. “When you’re saving for college, every dime counts.”

The reduced cost means New York’s fees are among the lowest for directly sold 529 plans, said Laura Pavlenko Lutton, editorial director in the fund research group at Chicago-based Morningstar Inc. The New York plan offers investors 16 investment choices from Vanguard including three that change the investment mix as beneficiaries near college. Account fees for age-based options, which are the most popular nationwide, range from 0.20 percent to as high as 2.27 percent, Lutton said.

‘Pressure on Fees’

“There’s pressure on fees, which is a great thing for parents and grandparents investing in 529 plans because that’s more of your nest egg that you get to keep,” she said.

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