Thursday, September 30, 2010

Five Ways to Save Money on Thanksgiving Travel Now

Since tomorrow is the beginning of October, taxpayers across the country are beginning to make travel arrangements for the upcoming holiday. Since so many members travel to see family for Thanksgiving, the expenses can quickly add up. Earlier today I came across this article from with advice on how to save on your holiday travel arrangements. You can find a few of the tips below, or check out the full article here.

1. Book now. For the last few weeks, editors at have monitored prices between 100 of the most popular cities for Thanksgiving travel and found that fares are slowly dropping as we approach the end of the month. The same trend occurred last fall, when airlines put Thanksgiving fares on sale in early October, Banas said. At Bing, fareologists said there are 50% more price drops during the holidays if you know how to look for them.

2. Set alerts. Sites that let you search flights on multiple airlines at the same time, like Expedia, Bing and Kayak, will track prices for you routes of your choice. When the prices fall, they will send an alert to your e-mail. These alerts will help you benchmark prices over several days.

3. Be flexible. If you plan to leave the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and return the Sunday after, you could pay as much as $170 more for your ticket, said Genevieve Shaw Brown, Travelocity's senior editor. Some experts suggest that traveling on Thanksgiving day is a good way to snag a cheap seat. Most travelers stay on average for five-and-a-half days, so extending your trip, or shortening it, could also lower your ticket price.

"Consider flying out early on Thanksgiving day itself, when flights can be exceptionally discounted and airports less crowded," said Darren Frei, editorial director at "But be aware that you always run the risk of delays or cancellations, which could mean missing out on the big feast."

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