Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Open Request to Presidential Candidates

The upcoming presidential election is one of the most talked about in recent history. However, tax and economic views are a major topic that nearly none of the candidates seem to be addressing. As we move into the general election, the economy will likely get more attention. However, I think it is important to talk taxes now!

As such, I have posted numerous blog entries on the candidate’s tax views on both my personal blog, and the RDTC Tax Help blog. Some of the entries include: Tax Views of Top 10 Presidential Candidates, Where the Candidates Stand On the Issues, and Huckabee’s Tax Plan: The Achilles Heel of his Campaign.

In continuing with my effort to bring attention to the candidate’s tax views, I am putting out an open request to all the presidential hopefuls to talk more about taxes. Additionally, I would love the opportunity to speak with any of the candidates about their views. Either through e-mail, telephone, or even in person. I encourage any of the candidates to contact me as soon as possible to give more detailed information to the readers of my blog.

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