Friday, January 18, 2008

New Years Resolutions For The IRS

Saturday afternoon my Internet marketing specialist submitted a press release regarding my latest open letter to the Department of Treasury and Internal Revenue Service. In the letter I identified 8 new years resolutions the IRS should consider. If the IRS were to implement these changes it would greatly help taxpayers seeking to settle their debts to the IRS. You can download a PDF of the letter by clicking here.

My law firm, Roni Lynn Deutch, A Professional Tax Corporation, represents thousands of taxpayers across the country. Given my experience and perspective as a representative, I am confident that the IRS can better improve their service by taking my suggestions to hear.

My 8 suggested New Years resolutions include:

1. Lump Sum Payment Discounts
2. Accelerated Payment Plan for Release of a Federal Tax Lien
3. "Reminder to Save" Letter to Those Who Owed Taxes the Previous Year
4. Publicize Current Compliance Years and Collection Statute Expiration Dates
5. Past Commitment to Compliance Makes You Eligible for Tax Debt Waiver
6. Double the Amount of a Tax Refund if Applied to an IRS Back Tax Debt
7. Stop Levying Social Security for Individuals over the Age of 75
8. Create Online IRS Tax Debt Accounts

For more information check out Tax Lady Roni Deutch Sends Open Letter to the Treasury and Congress With 8 New Years Resolutions in 2008 Concerning the IRS on

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