Friday, January 18, 2008

Clinton Unveils $70 Billion Emergency Spending Plan

As we get closer and closer to the general election, economic issues are beginning to get attention. Earlier today presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton unveiled a new $70 billion emergency spending package designed to help those affected by the U.S. housing crisis and to help counteract an upcoming recession.

“Economists and politicians are finally waking up to what many of America's families already know: that we might be sliding into a recession," claims Clinton. "We need an immediate strategy to get our economy back on track. I would work with leaders from both parties to pass an aggressive, fast-acting stimulus package to create good new jobs and revitalize our economy."

According to Reuters, “Clinton's plan would provide $30 billion for an emergency housing crisis fund for states to help low-income families unable to make mortgage payments; $25 billion to help low-income families pay their heating bills; $10 billion to extend unemployment insurance for people unable to find jobs; and $5 billion for alternative energy programs.”

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