Saturday, January 01, 2011

Trick Daddy in Debt to the IRS for More than $157K

According to new reports, Miami rapper Trick Daddy has gotten behind on his taxes. The musician apparently owes the IRS over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

    Trick Daddy (real name: Maurice Young) reportedly had his Miami home foreclosed on it May, and sold off months later in October. And now, he reports owes the IRS more than $157,00 in delinquent federal taxes.

    The government agency placed several liens against Trick and his wife over the past summer, amounting to $85,366 for money earned from 2007-09, $16,709 for 2006, and $53,979 for unpaid income taxes owed in 2002.

    He's not alone though. Over the past year, the IRS places liens against several other high-profile musicians, including Doug E. Fresh, Kelly Rowland, Omarion, Nas, Wyclef Jean, and Swizz Beatz, among others.

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