Thursday, July 23, 2009

Franchising Consultant Recognized at Annual Convention

Earlier today published a new press release about Alex Cunningham, a franchise consultant whom I recognized in my speech at the Roni Deutch Tax Center's 2nd Annual Franchise Convention in May. Check out a clip from the release below, or read the full story here.

The Consultant of the Year Award recognizes Alex Cunningham for strengthening the Roni Deutch brand by selling 20 Roni Deutch Tax Center franchise territories in Florida and New Jersey in 2008-2009. To continue his success and to keep the momentum going forward, Cunningham is currently working on additional development deals in Connecticut, Louisiana, Texas, and New York that could total more than forty new territories for Roni Deutch Tax Center.

"It is a tremendous honor to receive this award," said Alex Cunningham. "To win the Consultant of the Year Award takes an incredible amount of effort, discipline, and energy. This award is not only for me, but for the great entrepreneurs I have worked with that have seen the immense opportunity in this industry."

For over two decades, Alex Cunningham has specialized in helping mid-level executives transition into franchising, and has built partnerships with over 85 companies, as well as helped pair more than 1,000 entrepreneurial prospects with franchises that closely match their experience, long-term goals, and passion. He has the expertise and knowledge to consult extensively with national franchisor operations, and help potential franchisees match their goals and qualifications to the "best fit" franchise opportunity.

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