Thursday, July 30, 2009

Even More Celebrity Tax Evasion

Just the other day, I posted this entry about three new celebrities who owe taxes either to the IRS or the state of California. Now, according to new reports, another handful of famous taxpayers can be added to the list of celebrities with tax problems.

Steve Austin

Retired wrestler Steve Austin, known as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to his fans, reportedly owes the State of California over $22,000 in unpaid taxes. The state even filed a lien against his property last month. Austin’s agent could not be reached for comment, so the reason for his tax debt is still unknown.

David Brenner

Famed comedian David Brenner owes the IRS a staggering $68,222 in delinquent taxes. Brenner, who filed for bankruptcy in 2004, does not deny that he owes the taxes, and states that he has already negotiated a payment plan to pay his debts off over time. When asked how he incurred the debt, Brenner jokingly explained, "I lost a bet that President Bush would learn how to pronounce the word 'nuclear,'"

Anna Kournikova

Although her total tax debts are less than the rest of the celebrities on the list, I was especially surprised to see that tennis star Anna Kournikova has tax problems with the state of California. Just last week the filed a $6,381 tax lien against her for unpaid tax debts. When reached, the athlete’s agent could not comment as to where the tax debt came from.

Lea Thompson

Lea Thompson, famous for her role playing Marty McFly’s Mom in the popular “Back to the Future” films probably wishes she could go back to the future and pay her taxes correctly. Earlier in the week it was revealed the actress owes $8,691 in unpaid state taxes.

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