Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Apple Wins North Carolina Tax Break For $1 Billion Data Center

According to CNN.com a town in North Carolina has just given the green light to Apple Computers to build a giant data center in their county. The local government has agreed to provide the technology giant with over $46 million worth of tax incentives over the next decade, which undoubtedly led to the agreement.

The decision Monday helped spur Apple's plans to expand its network of data centers, which are warehouse-sized buildings that house vast numbers of giant computers known as servers. Data centers are usually used to manage the flow of Internet traffic. In Apple's case, the Maiden, NC data center could be used to bolster its iTunes music store business.

Apple has already agreed to invest $1 billion in the structure in Maiden, which is about 30 miles northwest of Charlotte, according to the agreement. If Apple invests an additional $1 billion into the data center, the county and town will provide another $20.7 million in incentives over another 10-year period.

"There is no commitment beyond the billion dollars," said Scott Millar, president of the Catawba County Economic Development Corp.

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