Thursday, July 02, 2009

Applications For Home-Buying Tax Credit To Be Cut Off Today

The application deadline for the popular $10,000 California homebuyers tax credit is today. The California Franchise Tax Board had extended the number of applications they would accept, and there are now 75 spots left for California taxpayers who are eligible for the credit. However, according to the Sacramento Bee the California Franchise Tax Board announced this morning that they would no long accept applications past midnight tonight. Check out a clip of Sac Bee’s coverage of the last minute change below.

Early Wednesday, the FTB said it has received 11,925 applications for the popular tax credit - 75 short of its 12,000-application limit.

The state tax agency said last month it would take 2,000 extra applications for the credit because many received are duplicates, invalid or incomplete.

The tax credit program launched March 1 to move statewide home builders' excess, unsold inventory, proved more popular than expected. The FTB said it has already issued 4,808 certificates for nearly $45 million worth of credits. Officials expect to process and award all the credits by the end of August.

Home builders have shifted their focus to efforts to add $200 million more to the original $100 million allocation. But that's proved more difficult than expected in a rancorous budget climate. Some economists have criticized further allocations as a stimulus for home building when the state's larger problem, they argue, is an excess of unsold existing homes.

The California Building Industry Association, a trade group for residential builders and suppliers, maintains that each $10,000 tax credit adds $16,000 to state government revenues and $3,000 to a local government because of the economic activity generated.

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