Monday, December 01, 2008

Why Is OfficeMax Paying Taxes Despite Tax Credits in Excess of Tax Liabilities?

Robert Willens of Columbia University has published a new research paper analyzing OfficeMax's Tax Profile. Below is the abstract from the paper, but you can download the full PDF by clicking here, thanks to Tax Prof Blog.

OfficeMax Inc. (OMX) is paying cash taxes each year yet at the same time is reporting a substantial amount of credit forwards that seemingly should operate to offset any tax liability that it might incur. However, that OMX is paying taxes while concurrently possessing tax credits well in excess of its tax liabilities can be explained by the fact that the credits are not the type that can be used to offset the particular tax liabilities it is generating. In short, the anomaly of a corporation paying taxes despite the existence of substantial tax credits can be explained by examining the nature of the credits that it has amassed.

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