Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Health Commish Defends Paterson's "Fat Tax" on YouTube

From News

New York state's top health official appears in a 5-minute YouTube video promoting Gov. David A. Paterson's controversial "fat tax" on soda and other sugary soft drinks.

Health Commissioner Richard Daines is seen on the video standing behind a kitchen counter holding an array of props, including cans of soda, glasses of milk and a football-sized lump of fake fat.

On the video, Daines defends the tax proposal, saying it will help the state fight the spread of childhood obesity and save New York money in health care costs.

Paterson's state budget proposal for fiscal 2009-2010 includes an 18-percent tax on sugary drinks containing less than 70 percent real fruit juice. The governor says the tax would raise more than $400 million in its first year.

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