Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Chicago Franchisee Featured in Ind US Business Journal

Molly Kumar, a Roni Deutch Tax Center® franchisee in Chicago, IL, was recently featured in this article in the Ind US Business Journal. Below is a quote from the article, but you can read the full version by clicking here.

Molly Kumar is a franchisee with Roni Deutch Tax Center in Chicago. In January, along with her husband, Bruce, and business partner, Sohan Joshi, Kumar opened one of the first Roni Deutch locations. As such, they are members of the chain’s Founders Club, which features the first 50 franchisees and has a special lead generation program. Chain founder Roni Deutch made her name running a California-based tax resolution law firm for close to two decades before opening the first Roni Deutch Tax Center herself in Fair Oaks, Calif., in June 2006.

The concept was launched as a tax preparation chain in 2007 with the first franchise location. According to the company, licenses for close to 300 locations have been sold. Deutch says her chain has a “double-pronged mission” – to eliminate the need for tax resolution by providing Americans with professional tax return preparation, and to provide a recession-proof business opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking a piece of the booming tax preparation industry.

“This young lady, Roni Deutch, she is absolutely phenomenal,” said Kumar. “She wants to be the best of the best. … She gives so much of herself and the loyalty is automatically given back to her.

“She makes you feel part of a family. She is someone who will not only be there for my successes, but also if I fail,” she added. “Because of this we want not only our success we want RDTC success.”

In their first tax season this year Kumar and her husband have already found this success, handling more than 700 clients and ranking as the third best franchise in the chain.

In the cluttered landscape of the tax preparation industry – the Kumars estimate there are approximately 25 such businesses in their region – they believe Roni Deutch sets itself apart.

Roni Deutch Tax Centers, in addition to tax preparation services also offers debt resolution, payroll, bookkeeping and identity theft protection.

The Kumars aim to firmly establish their Roni Deutch Tax Center business through their first location, but preliminary plans are to open three or four more locations by 2010.

Molly Kumar is a native of Mumbai and has spent the last three decades working in the retail industry with companies such as Nike, The Limited and The Container Store. She currently works for Macy’s furniture division.

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