Tuesday, December 16, 2008

9 Hot Franchise Trends in 2009

WatchMeFranchise.com, a blog sponsored by Roni Deutch Tax Center™, recently posted an entry on 9 hot franchise trends to watch in the new year. Below is a quote from the entry, but you can read the full text by clicking here.

1. Woman-Focused Franchises

Franchises that focus on women and are run by women have grown a lot in popularity over the last year and are expended to continue to do so in 2009. These businesses can include anything from women’s health centers to women-targeted clothing stores.

2. Fun Food

Crazy food franchises have grown a lot trendier over the past year as well. By offering something different then the normal fast food like menu, these businesses can reach out to crowds that are tired of unhealthy, processed foods. Additionally, by letting consumers create their dishes, such as yogurt shops that let you create your own custom dessert, they can connect with customers of a more creative level.

3. Green Business

It is no surprise that green-thinking businesses made our list. Nowadays any business can be labeled “green” just by stating their cups are made of recycled materials or their food is organic. However, it is more than trendy, as green businesses often build very loyal customer bases that do not mind paying a “green” surcharge.

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