Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tax Season is Over

Yes, today is April 16, and that means that tax season is now over! Today is a day of celebration for Roni Lynn Deutch, A Professional Tax Corporation and the Roni Deutch Tax Center™ corporate headquarters, as I am sure it is for anyone else working in the tax industry.

But even though tax season is over, do not just wait until next January to think about taxes again. Below are a few tips you can keep in mind over the next year to make next tax season less stressful next year:

Review your return one last time. You might have accidentally overlooked a valuable credit or deduction. If so you can always file an amended return to make the changes.

Keep all your documents. Just because you mailed in your return does not mean you can shred all your tax documents and receipts. You will need all of these in case you are ever audited.

Start saving your receipts and documents in a safe place. If you are one of the people who ran around trying to gather all your receipts at the last minute then consider saving them all in a designated location over the next year. That way they will be easily accessible next year.

Educate yourself on taxes. If you read a book on taxes, or even attend a local tax school, then you will be better prepared for next tax season.

I am also happy to announce that earlier this morning Stan Ciemiecki was randomly selected as the winner of our 12 Days of Taxes contest. His answer to his favorite thing about tax season was: “After the taxes are done and submitted it is like the feeling after exams and you know you aced them.”

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