Friday, April 04, 2008

Celebrate Tax Season with the 12 Days Of Taxes!

No, not the 12 days of Christmas… The 12 Days Of Taxes! Today, April 4th, begins our 12 day countdown to tax day 2008. It always surprises me how many people fear tax day, when statistics show that over ¾ of the people who file a return actually get a refund.

The employees of the Roni Deutch Tax Center™, and myself, do not fear tax season. We celebrate it! And to encourage taxpayers across the country to join in on the celebration we have launched a new site,

Every day leading up to April 15th a new “day of taxes” will be unveiled at exactly 12:00am. The days will feature videos of Roni Deutch Tax Center™ employees singing and dancing to the 12 Days Of Taxes paired with interesting tax articles. Additionally, we are also sponsoring a contest with a $500 gift card package for the winner. All you need to do to enter is go to and tell us what is your favorite part about tax season. So go check out the site, enter the contest, and tell every one you know about it!

Today, the first “day of taxes” features RDTC Inc. employee Sue Ann Wilkes singing the phrase, “on the first day of taxes the government gave to me, a partial payment in a money tree.” The associated article is titled “12 Different Ways Americans are Taxed,” and describes the following 12 different ways to Americans pay the government:

1) Income Taxes
2) Business Taxes
3) Payroll Taxes
4) Capital Gains Taxes
5) Inheritance Taxes
6) Sales Taxes
7) Property Taxes
8) Excise Taxes
9) Gift Taxes
10) Retirement Taxes
11) Tariffs
12) Tolls

To read the full article, and see the first video installment please check out

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