Friday, April 11, 2008

Tax Day Countdown

As many of you are well aware tax day is less than a week away, which means you only have a few days left to file your tax returns without being assessed additional penalties or fees. But do not worry if you have not yet filed, you still have time to do something. The worse thing you can do is just ignore the problem, because it will not go away. If you still need to file your return consider the following options:
  • File on your own – there are dozens of software programs and websites that walk you through the steps of filing your return. However, be sure not to rush the process as you will not have a professional to review the return.
  • Visit a CPA or tax preparation office – you can have experts prepare and file your returns so that you know it will be done correctly. Many tax preparation offices are even open extended hours in the lead up to tax day.
  • Call the Roni Deutch Tax Center™ – call the tax professionals at the Roni Deutch Tax Center™ by dialing 800-230-1083, and they can prepare your return over the phone or schedule an appointment at a local office.
  • File an extension – if you absolutely cannot file your returns on time then you should at least file for an extension. However, this does not extend your time to pay the IRS. So if you are likely to owe money then you should probably include some type of payment.

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