Monday, April 14, 2008

40 Hours to Freedom

To help all those “last minute filers” out there, the Roni Deutch Tax Center™ will all stay open for extended hours today and tomorrow. Some participating locations will even stay open all night as part of our “40 Hours to Freedom” program. Check out the locations page on our website to find a location near you. If you do still need to file it is probably a good idea to call and make an appointment so that you are guaranteed a spot.

I cannot stress the point enough. Do not let tax day go by without either filing your return or filing an extension. If you ignore the tax deadline then you will be hit with interest and penalties that can very quickly add up to a decent amount of money. Additionally, this year it is especially important to file so that you can get your economic stimulus check this summer. Now, if you know you cannot file on time or you are not confident that you have all of the information to accurately prepare and file your return, then make sure you file for an extension. Check out for more information on extensions.

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