Tuesday, May 04, 2010

IRS announces Open House for Individuals and Small Businesses

Do you struggle to make sense of your taxes? Maybe you have questions about a notice you received or need help preparing your tax return? I have good news for you. The IRS recently announced that they will be hosting a special nationwide Open House on Saturday, May 15. Individual taxpayers and small business owners can get help with their tax returns, IRS notices and payments, audits and more. At least one IRS office will be open in every state on May 15th from 9am until 2pm. During the Open House you can speak with an IRS representative either in person or over the phone. Keep in mind though, small business owners with tax issues should probably consult a qualified tax professional.

This is the first in a series of Open House days the IRS has scheduled, with more events planned for June 5 and June 26. If you struggle with back taxes and do not want to speak to the IRS, you can always contact one of my representatives by visiting my website here.

For the location of the nearest IRS Open House this Saturday, click here.

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