Friday, May 14, 2010

Schwarzenegger budget: No new taxes, deeper cuts

Let’s face it, the California budget is a mess. With the unemployment rate so high and the tax revenue low, California faces a 19.1 billion budget deficit, according to the Associated Press. So, Arnold Schwarzenegger is rolling up his sleeves—not to show off his large muscles this time, but to propose some pretty big cuts across most state agencies and eliminating many health and social programs.

The fight is what it has always been: Republican lawmakers vote against raising taxes and Democratic leaders oppose more cuts to social programs, nothing new there. The good news is that Schwarzenegger vows to protect public education. Earlier today, I read he might propose to end state worker furloughs. Some people suggest the Governor cut corporate tax credits instead of low-income assistance programs that will hurt California’s poorest citizens and children. Finding the answer to our budget problem is not easy. There’s no doubt that we need a creative solution to the budget problem, and quickly. Tweet me your thoughts on this at

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