Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Money For Life: Publishes their 2010 Tax Guide recently published their annual tax guide, with dozens of informative articles written by financial experts from across the country. I have listed a few of my favorite guides below, be sure to click on the links to access the full articles.

Earn Tax-Free Income

Tax rates are going up, so it pays to find sources of income that the tax collector can't touch. Here are 20 of them.

Stimulus Creates New Tax-Time Headaches

IRS computers are rejecting retirees' 1040s. Working couples are facing unexpected bills. The stimulus created both traps--and money-saving opportunities--on 2009 returns.

Will Your Tax Pro Get You Audited?

The IRS doesn't regulate preparers--yet. Here's how to spot and avoid a problem pro now.

Second Homes Bring Tax Traps

Homeownership has lots of tax benefits. But owning a second home is trickier.

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