Tuesday, February 02, 2010

10 Reasons to File your Tax Return Early

Tax season is here again, and the RDTC Tax Help Blog has posted a great article discussing reasons why you should file your tax return early, the best of which is simply the stress relief of knowing you’re finished. You can find a few of the tips below, but be sure to read the full list at 10 Reasons to File your Tax Return Early.

1. Less Chance of Late Fees

If you file your return nice and early, the chance of having to pay a late fee is pretty much nonexistent. Just make sure all necessary documents and payments are included with your return to ensure there will be no return service required.

2. Avoid the Crowds

The last two weeks before April 15th tax preparation companies, accountants, and tax professionals become extremely busy. If you want to avoid waiting hours inside a crowded office then you should get your returns filed before busy season begins.

3. Time for Credit, Deduction Research

When you choose to prepare your return last minute, it can be too easy to miss a tax deduction or credit that could put extra money in your pocket. Starting early gives you enough time to relax and spend enough time on your return to find all available deductions and credits.

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