Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Signs You Might Need Help From A Tax Attorney

Earlier in the week my law firm’s Tax Relief Blog posted a helpful article on the signs that you might need help from a tax attorney. Listed below are a few of the signs, but you can find the full article here.

1. You Cannot Remember The Last Time You Filed A Tax Return

If you are earning income and have not filed a tax return for a few years, then you might want to consider hiring a tax attorney. Even if you do not think that you owe the IRS money, a tax attorney can provide you with a full review of your IRS account to determine if you are owed any refunds.

2. You Get An Assessment Letter From The IRS

If you receive an assessment letter in the mail from the IRS, then it means they have determined that you owe them money. The first letter they send informs you of the situation and outlines the penalties and interest they are adding to your debt. If you do nothing, your debt will continue to increase. Alternatively, if you retain a tax attorney, they can begin working to settle your debts.

3. The IRS Files A Lien Against Your Property

If the IRS assesses a tax debt against you and you do not respond, then they will begin the collection process. First, they may send you a Notice and Demand for Payment. If you do not respond after 10 days, then they can file a public Federal Tax Lien against you. The lien will attach itself to all of your property including homes, land, vehicles, etc. In order to get the lien released, you will need to first settle your IRS debts. This can be done by either paying the amount in full or hiring an attorney to negotiate an IRS settlement such as an Offer in Compromise.

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