Wednesday, September 09, 2009

More Than 350,000 Homeowners Aided by Federal Mortgage Program

According to reports released this morning, federal mortgage programs have aided a surprisingly large amount of homeowners in the country. So far, over 300,000 families have been helped by the program, which is getting close to President Obama’s goal of half a million. Check out the following clip from a article on the topic.

Lenders have helped more than 350,000 homeowners reduce their monthly mortgage payments through a federal foreclosure prevention program, according to government data released Wednesday morning.

That brings the industry closer to meeting the Obama administration's goal of modifying the loans of at least 500,000 borrowers by Nov. 1. But the data illustrate that some large lenders continue to struggle to address the backlog of homeowners in need of help.

Under the federal program, known as Making Home Affordable, lenders are paid to lower the payments of troubled borrowers. Consumer advocates and homeowners have complained that it's still difficult to reach lenders for help and confusion remains about how the program works.

Since the initiative was launched in March, 12 percent of delinquent borrowers have received help under the program, according to the Treasury data. That is up from less than 10 percent last month.

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