Wednesday, July 09, 2008

How Many Economists Support McCain?

A few days ago the McCain camp announced that they had a document signed by 300 economists that “enthusiastically support” his “Jobs for America” economic plan. The immediate assumption was that McCain has built up a lot of support for his views, but upon further investigation, it appears that may not be the case. According to, “it seems a good many of those economists don’t actually support the whole of McCain’s economic agenda. And at least one doesn’t even support McCain for president.

In interviews with more than a dozen of the signatories, Politico found that, far from embracing McCain’s economic plan, many were unfamiliar with — or downright opposed to — key details. While most of those contacted by Politico had warm feelings about McCain, many did not want to associate themselves too closely with his campaign and its policy prescriptions.”

To read the full story head over to In theory, economists support McCain.

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