Monday, April 04, 2011

We're Getting a $54,000 Tax Refund!

Good news to start the week off!

Due to changes in federal tax law, David and Thelma Ward are going to receive a massive tax refund for adopting children over the past five years. reports:

    The Wards couldn't believe the news when their tax preparer called to tell them they're getting a $54,000 refund this year.

    Thelma Ward was speechless. She had to hand the phone to her husband so she could dance around the living room floor in shock.

    "I was thanking God like never before," she said. "We're just overwhelmed -- that amount was so huge it was unbelievable."

    Even their tax preparer said she had to check the math -- 10 to 15 times.

    In the past few years, the Wards have expanded their already big clan of seven children by adopting five new kids. For each of these adopted children, they are eligible for a one-time tax credit of up to $13,170.

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