Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nearly 70 Percent of Taxpayers Used IRS e-file in 2010

According to the IRS's newest press release about 99 million taxpayers filed their federal income tax returns electronically last tax season. This represents a 3% increase from the year before.

Of the 141.5 million returns filed so far this year, almost 70 percent were filed electronically.

Each year, more taxpayers chose to e-file their tax returns. Last year, nearly 95 million taxpayers, or 67 percent, used e-file. In the past decade, the number of individual tax returns e-filed has increased by 145 percent. The overall number of individual tax returns increased only by 8 percent. IRS e-file is no longer is the exception; now it is the norm.

Home Computer e-Filers

Taxpayers who prepare their own tax returns using home computers continued to set the pace for e-file. This year, more than 35 percent of e-filers prepared and filed their returns themselves.

Almost 35 million returns were e-filed from home computers, up 8 percent from last year.

Direct Deposit Refunds

More than 74 million refunds were electronically deposited into taxpayers’ accounts, saving taxpayers a trip to the bank. More importantly, these taxpayers received their refunds at least a week faster than those receiving paper checks.

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