Friday, October 15, 2010

Tax Deadline Reminder!

Today – October 15 - is the last day to:
  • File your 1040 if you requested an extension. If you are e-filing, anything sent in by 11:59:59 pm will be considered on time. If you are mailing paper forms, do yourself a favor and send via Certified Mail just in case anything gets lost in the post.
  • Recharacterize your IRA – if you converted your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA and want to undo it, today is your last day to make that happen.
  • Maintain your nonprofit’s tax-exempt status by filing all required tax returns. If you miss the deadline, donations to your nonprofit will not be tax deductible.
If you haven’t filed all your paperwork yet, GET TO IT! Missing the deadline is expensive and completely avoidable with better planning. For more information on today’s important tax deadlines, visit,,id=228389,00.html?portlet=7.

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