Thursday, October 07, 2010

Black Friday 2010: Buy American

As our economy continues to struggle, many Americans are looking for ways to help. According to, one of the best ways consumers can help with economic recovery is to ensure items you buy are made in the country. Especially as we get closer to the Black Friday holiday, where many taxpayers do most of their holiday shopping. Check out the following article from

It's the rare story about retailing that doesn't garner reader comments about where the products are made. It's also the rare retailer that makes the effort to stock only American made goods. Deborah Leydig is one of those retailers. Her Barrington, Ill. business stocks exclusively products made in this country, something that has become increasingly difficult to do.

"Deborah Leydig is in search of a can opener manufactured in the U.S.," opens a story in the Chicago Tribune. "The artist-turned-merchant had been stocking the iconic Swing-A-Way can opener, but had to stop this year when production moved overseas."

For decades, American companies have been outsourcing labor and relying on foreign production to stabilize businesses at home. Over time, it incurs cost to the environment, negatively affects our employment rates, and discredits our claims of sustainability. In a utilitarian sense, trade and commerce with other economies are of course necessary, but, is it healthy for us to rely on foreign systems? Especially when we are so proud of being self-reliant.

Leydig is just one example of a well-intentioned business owner trying to save jobs in the U.S., and she is not alone. Conscious consumerism is on the rise. Americans are buying environment-friendly goods, fair-trade products, and locally grown or made food at increasing rates.

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