Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Should the Government Tax Bailed-out Banks to Recover TARP Money?

As the U.S. economy remains unsteady, and multiple banks that were bailed out last year are seeing huge profits, President Obama is reportedly considering a new tax on financial institutions. The tax would be levied to help recover funds from the TARP program, and help lower the deficit.

In this new article, ABCNews.com is asking their readers to weigh in on this new tax. You can find a section of their article below, but click here to share your comments with the author.

President Obama is considering a tax to recover as much as $120 billion in bailout money from the financial institutions that were rescued by the government.

This announcement comes as banks report record profits and begin paying out huge bonuses, sparking anger amongst Americans, many of whom are still out of work.

Our question to you today: Should the government tax bailed-out banks to recover TARP money?

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